"So Where Do You Go At Night?" A trip to the South Seas and Alaska


Map of route


Off the Oregon Coast


We had planned a loosely scheduled trip departing in July and returning August the following year. Our first stop was to be San Francisco and thence coast-hopping down California to San Diego, over the Mexican border and down to Manzanillo, perhaps out to the Galapagos (a bit far south), the Marquesas Islands, the Tuamotu atolls (depending on how our navigation skills developed), Tahiti, and returning via Hawaii, the glaciers of Alaska, down the British Columbia inland passage, and home.





“We look 360 degrees around the horizon and there is nothing. The predominant colour is grey; grey clouds and grey sea. The greys of the moving water are laced with the flash of whitecaps. There seems to be a complete randomness of wave movement. Sometimes there is a sudden thump on the side of the hull which makes me jump. Or there is a rush of water seething and hissing past the stern. What the heck are we doing out here? The enormity of our plans strikes deeply into my mind and body for the first time. Perhaps Erica is right. I look again around the horizon but there is nothing. I console myself with the knowledge that this boat is strong and we have a radio and a life raft.”




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