"Frech Silk on Water", and "Journey with Me"


French Silk on Water


Journey with Me


On retiring, Patrick and Heather bought a 35 foot sailboat on Lake Superior and rented their home for sixty days, to pursue an adventure to the Bahamas.

They relished the sights and challenges of the Great Lakes, the historic Erie Canal while dropping 600 feet down to the vibrant waters of New York and on to Miami and out to the Bahamas

Thrilled while exploring the fascinating islands, meeting the friendly people and yachties, they were surprised by going aground many times, even when out of sight of land, 50+ knot winds in night anchorages and problems in shallow off-shore waters.

Crossing America by boat was a new kind of adventure.





Patrick's belief... "Do it Soon - Do it Now"

As a Londoner, he tells his simple story of growing up through the war, army service in Germany, becoming a professional engineer, immigrating to Canada, Australia, and finally settling in Vancouver, sailing the exotic South Seas in his self-built boat, learning of a tenuous connection with his other family, all packed in with many exiting and rare adventures in work and travel with his wife, Heather and family of Jeremy and Erica

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