"So Where Do You Go At Night?" A trip to the South Seas and Alaska


Patrick Hill



“Mike Cove is beautiful and calm and I am pleased to be there and in the northwest Pacific again. It is so quiet and still as we lay abed. There is no sound, no movement, no surf. What utter bliss!”



The Patrick Hill family

Patrick, Heather and family have been sailing out of Vancouver, British Columbia for many years. They have owned nine sailboats from a 17’ to a 42’ boat, Sky One Hundred which they built. They have cruised extensively, written articles for magazines, made presentations to yacht clubs, libraries, the Vancouver Planetarium, and on a major Alaskan cruise line.

“So Where Do You Go At Night” is Patrick’s first book on offshore cruising. Sky One Hundred, their home for the trip to the South Seas and Alaska was built from scratch in their garden as a one-off in 3 years. It was a locally designed Fraser 42 to which they made several modifications. The hull is fibreglass with an Airex foam core and the deck is fibreglass with a balsa core.

After Patrick retired he and his wife undertook a major cruise, sailing from the west end of Lake Superior through the Great Lakes to Buffalo, through the Erie Canal, down the Hudson River to New York, down the Intra Coastal Waterway to Miami and out to the Bahamas.










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